The Performing Arts carry a high profile at St Michael’s, welcomed and respected by governors, staff, parents and pupils as fundamental to ‘whole’ education where spiritual growth and the nurturing of feeling are essential to enabling young people to experience ‘life in all its fullness’, able to cope with, and respond positively to, their role in today’s society.

It is the aim of a passionate and talented staff to foster an appreciation of the arts both through timetabled study and the wider curriculum. An engaging programme of multi-cultural arts, cross-curricular outreach and Christian Values Enrichment days promotes an energetic, creative ethos across the school. We intend that, through high quality arts presentations - worship, showcases, concerts, major productions and other school events - all pupils are able to experience the arts and recognise them as a vehicle for raising moral, social and political issues; the arts challenge them to reflect and inspires them as participant or audience to respond; we want them to see that the arts gives them a voice and that they know that their voice counts. Furthermore, we encourage our pupils to see the arts as a means of self-expression, of self-realisation and an outlet for emotion, so important in a world that places so many pressures on young shoulders. 

 Ultimately, we aim for all our pupils to leave St Michael’s with a real appreciation that the arts offer a universal language through which a vision of the human experience can be shared, and that, through the arts, they can add their own voice to the chorus of mankind. 


The Dance Department strives to deliver a vibrant and interesting curriculum that caters for all interests and abilities.

All pupils are taught Dance throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 timetabled for 1x 40/45 minute lesson per week. Pupils can then extend their interest in Years 10 - 11 by choosing to study dance to GCSE level.

In Years 7 and 8 all pupils study a range of styles including Street, Contemporary and Bollywood as well as studying professional dances. Through practical work they learn a range of dance techniques and choreography and performance skills, helping them develop as creative, independent learners, able to self-manage rehearsals and work as effective team workers.

In Years 10 to 11 pupils continue to develop their physical, expressive and choreography skills and we also promote appreciation skills, enabling them to watch, analyse and understand how dance is choreographed.

St Michael’s Dance Department offers pupils the opportunity to join its wider curricular dancing School ‘The CODE – Centre of Dance Excellence - and each year group has its own Dance Company, as well as our All Boys Dance Company. In Year 11 we also have the St Michael’s Dance Academy, which includes Dance Captains and Principal choreographers who assist staff in creating pieces and take responsibility for directing rehearsals and performing routines.

Dance Learning Schemes

Dance Learning Scheme - Year 7

Dance Learning Scheme - Year 8

Dance Learning Scheme - Year 9

Dance Learning Scheme - Year 10

Dance Learning Scheme - Year 11