Teaching Staff Names and Roles



Mrs Jayne L Jenks


Mr John F Chadwick

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Caroline J Hooley

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Jonathan Allcock

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Keith Tierney

Assistant Headteacher

Ms Kim Gill

Chief Finance Officer and Business Director



Mr A Nick Kellett

School Lead - Exams, Data and Reporting

Mr John R Kirkpatrick

Senior Leader: Wellbeing / Pupil Manager, Teacher of History

Mr Mark Ready

Leading Practitioner and Curriculum Leader: Mathematics

Mrs Teresa Wilson




Mrs Samantha J Ashurst

Teacher of Science, 2nd in Department

Mr Jacob Banks

Teacher of RE/Music

Mrs Joanne Baybutt

Teacher of English

Mr Philip Bayley

Teacher of English

Mrs Orlette Blair

Teacher of Science

Mrs Deborah L Brotherton

Teacher of Maths/Music

Curriculum Leader: Living Education (PT)

Mrs Rachel J Brunsden

Teacher of PE 2nd in Department

Mrs Elizabeth S Burgess

Teacher of Dance/Drama (PT)

Mrs Christine A Burrow

Teacher of Textiles/Art

Miss Joanne N Callander

Teacher of Mathematics, Leader in Learning (STEM)

Miss Emily Cassell

Teacher of Science

Mrs Lynne Cattell

Teacher of French/German (PT)

Mr Adam M Cree

Teacher of History, Leader in Learning- VLE(Moodle)

Miss Emma Curtis

Teacher of Mathematics, Leader in Learning: Vocational Education, Careers and Business Enterprise

Mrs Claire Dempster

Curriculum Leader: PE

Mr Ben A Egelnick

Subject Leader: History NPQLTD

Mrs Lisa H Faulkner

Subject Leader: Food Preparation & Nutrition

Mrs Amanda J Ferguson

Teacher of RE/Character for Life (PT)

Mrs Amanda Ferson

Teacher of Design Technology (PT)

Mrs Victoria L Finch

Teacher of PE (PT)

Miss Bryony G Forrest

Subject Leader: Drama

Mr Neill S Fraser

Teacher of Geography

Mrs Rachel Freer

Curriculum Leader DT and Art

Mr Jon C Gladders

Teacher of Design Technology

Mr David J Gow

Pupil Manager, Teacher of English

Mrs Sophie J Hall

Teacher of Science (PT)

Mr Stephen Holden

Teacher of PE

Mr Ian J Hooley

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Sarah Howard

Teacher of Science

Mrs Kerri Jennings

Teacher of English

Mrs Ann Johnson

Cover Supervisor, Mathematics

Mr Mark R Leadbeater

Teacher of Mathematics, 2nd in Department

Mr Jack Lister

Teacher of PE

Mrs Melissa Magdi

Curriculum Leader: English

Mrs Victoria E McCaffrey

Pupil Manager, Teacher of Science

Miss Catriona McLachlan

Teacher of French / German

Mrs Zeta P McDermott

Teacher of Art/Textiles

Mr Christopher J Monks

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Doug J Neville

Pupil Manager/Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Jennifer J Nicholson

Curriculum Leader: MFL, German

Miss Lauren O’Malley

Teacher of Geography / Leader in Learning for Learning and Teaching

Mr Craig O’Reilly

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Jennifer E Palfrey

Subject Leader for RE / Teacher of RE/CHARACTER FOR LIFE

Miss Eleanor Palmer

Teacher of English

Mrs Rachael L Rackstraw

Pupil Manager, Teacher of ICT

Mr James P Roome

English, 2nd in Department

Mrs Gillian M Schiel

Teacher of German/French, 2nd in Department

Miss Katie Simons

Teacher of History

Mrs Jessica L Smith

Teacher of English (PT)

Mrs Michelle Soper

Teacher of RE (PT)

Mrs Kathryn J Stansfield

Teacher of German

Mrs Jill Stretch

Teacher of English

Mrs Victoria C Thompson

Teacher of Science, 2nd in Department

Mr Paul R Topping

Teacher of French

Miss Lisa A Vivash


Mrs Kirsty Walling

Teacher of Science

Mrs Antonia J Walsh

Teacher of Dance/Drama (PT)

Miss Sarah Warburton

Teacher of Computing

Miss Beth Watson

Teacher of English

Mr Philip J White

Subject Leader: Music, Chapel Choir

Miss Kim Williams

Subject Leader: ICT

Mrs Susan M Wilk

Curriculum Leader: Science

Mrs Teresa M Wilson

SENCO / Teacher of English



Mrs Karen Smith

Cover Supervisor


Support staff



Ms Kim Gill

Chief Finance Officer and Business Director

Mrs Joanne Baxendale

Finance, Business & Health and Safety Manager

Mrs Karen Blackstock

Admin and Curriculum Support Officer

Mrs Sarah Coombs

Reprographics and Admin Support Officer

Mrs Julie Barker

Admin Support Officer

Miss Niamh Eaton

Admin & Curriculum Support Officer

Mrs Natalia Halton

Finance and Business Support Officer

Mrs Catherine Jenner

Personal Assistant to the Headteacher /
Governance Professional

Mrs Elisabeth Lever

Director of Operations & Exams Officer

Miss Nicola Melling

Strategic Data Analyst & Reports

Mrs Audra White

Personnel & Cover Manager

Mrs Jo Wild

Attendance Officer





Mrs Linda Alty

PLC Manager

Mrs Vicki Clarkson

Teaching Assistant – Examinations

Miss Kate Davies

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Anne-Marie Dean

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Elaine Howkins

Teaching Assistant

Miss Charlotte Kimble

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mr Samuel Nelson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Davinia Oldham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Faye Price

SEND Support Lead

Mrs Claire Prince

Teaching Assistant

Miss Grace Wells-Earp

Teaching Assistant





Mr Simon Corner

Christian Youth Worker

Mr Michael Kennedy

PGU Manager

Miss Kate Larkin

Pastoral Support Leader

Mrs Joanne Monaghan

Pupil Engagement Coordinator and Designated Mental Health Lead

Mrs Lisa Yates

Pastoral Support Leader





Mrs Tracy Lever

Midday Supervisor





Mr Josef Kanta

Premises & Lettings Manager

Mr David Eccles

Premises & Lettings Supervisor





Mr Shaun Bradshaw

ICT Network Manager

Mrs Laura Brannigan

Senior Science Technician

Mrs Ruth Hincks

Science Technician

Mr Jason Hurley

Technology Technician

Mr Colin Jarvis

ICT & Media Technician

Mr David Mason

ICT & Media Technician

Mr Jamie Wilding

Apprentice ICT & Media Technician





Mrs Ann Walmsley

Catering Manager

Miss Sherrilee Coupe

Catering Manager (Joint)