Why is it happening?

There are lots of reasons why some parents split up. Usually it’s because one or both of them is unhappy. They might think they need to be apart to make things better. Your parents may argue and shout, but you must remember it’s not your fault that this is happening.

How young people might feel

You might feel sad, lonely, angry or confused. It’s normal to feel all these things. Sometimes you might feel lots of different things all at once. It’s ok to have mixed feelings, like feeling happy and sad at the same time.

Who can help me?

If you’re angry, sad or worried, you might want to keep your feelings hidden. But sometimes it helps to talk to someone.

Talk to people who are close to you:

  • Your family
  • Friends and their families. Some of them might have been through the same thing
  • Teachers and youth workers.
  • Talk to your parents about how you feel and what you want to happen. Be honest about how you feel, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just say what you think is right and what you want, not what other people want.


If you don’t want to talk to someone you know, you could call one of the numbers below.

Helpful Resources:

National Youth Advocacy Service - www.nyas.net

Information and advice - 0800 61 61 01

Childline - www.childline.org.uk

A special help line for children - 0800 1111