At St Michael's we work extremely hard to make sure parents or carers are informed and involved at every stage in their child's education.

There are four formal points of contact with parents or carers throughout the school year:

  • A consultation evening is held where parents or carers make appointments to see each of their child's subject teachers.
  • A full written report is sent home giving details of attainment, conduct and effort in each subject area
  • A "short report" is sent home twice a year giving expected GCSE grades, current performance, effort and conduct grades

Data from these reports is collated and analysed by Curriculum and Subject Leaders who monitor progress in individual lessons ensuring pupils achieve as fully as possible.  

Tutors and Pupil Managers meet with individual pupils and any pupils who do not meet their targets are monitored closely for a period of time, with intervention strategies put in place to make sure they get back on track.

A strong and positive relationship between school and home is vital and parents or carers are contacted and support will be asked for if there is any cause for concern either within one particular subject area or across a range of subjects.