In KS3 History pupils are given a sense of time through a chronological and themed approach. They study the various periods from Medieval Times to the 20th Century that form the foundations for future study of History in KS4.

In Year 7, students begin developing their historical skills and conceptual understanding by exploring the impact of the Norman Conquest. They also explore the changing role of religion in England through the Early Modern period as well as the slow movement towards democracy in Britain.

In KS4 pupils follow a broad History course that spans Medieval to modern day Britain and the wider world. They learn about key developments and events that have shaped the modern world we live in today.

In all lessons the emphasis is on pupils becoming independent learners, developing resilience and encouraging resourcefulness. This is enhanced by a well developed area on the school’s vle that pupils are encouraged to use. All pupils are challenged through the development of subject specific skills such as the ability to analyse and use source material, and be able to evaluate the different interpretations of the past.

History also places a great deal of importance on the development and improvement of the key literacy skills so that pupils  develop their ability to find, recall, select, organise and communicate information.

They are also helped to develop substantiated explanations, arguments and judgements.

The department believes in an active approach to learning in order to motivate all pupils and they are encouraged to use a variety of media in order to show what they have learned this includes producing artwork, models, drama, and short films.

History Learning Schemes

History Learning Schemes Years 7 & 8

History Learning Schemes Years 9, 10 & 11