Music Technology

The Performing Arts carry a high profile at St Michael’s, welcomed and respected by governors, staff, parents and pupils as fundamental to ‘whole’ education where spiritual growth and the nurturing of feeling are essential to enabling young people to experience ‘life in all its fullness’, able to cope with, and respond positively to, their role in today’s society.

It is the aim of a passionate and talented staff to foster an appreciation of the arts both through timetabled study and the extended curriculum. An engaging programme of multi-cultural arts, cross-curricular outreach and Christian Values Enrichment days promotes an energetic, creative ethos across the school. We intend that, through high quality arts presentations - worship, showcases, concerts, major productions and other school events - all pupils are able to experience the arts and recognise them as a vehicle for raising moral, social and political issues; the arts challenge them to reflect and inspires them as participant or audience to respond; we want them to see that the arts gives them a voice and that they know that their voice counts. Furthermore, we encourage our pupils to see the arts as a means of self-expression, of self-realisation and an outlet for emotion, so important in a world that places so many pressures on young shoulders. 


Ultimately, we aim for our pupils to leave St Michael’s with a real appreciation that the arts offer a universal language through which a vision of the human experience can be shared and that, through the arts, they can add their own voice to the chorus of mankind. 


Music Technology KS4

We are very proud of the Music Technology equipment in the Music Department which includes an iMac suite running, Sibelius 7 and Logic Pro software. This is alongside a fully equipped recording studio and DJ equipment. A second classroom is equipped with 16 PC’s also running the Sibelius software alongside 16 Yamaha keyboards.

Pupils have access to this equipment when composing at KS3 through the development of melody writing, harmony, layering sounds and mixing audio and midi applications. 

Alongside the more traditional Music GCSE course, pupils have the option to choose a vocational qualification in Music Technology: NCFE Level 2 Technical Award in Music Technology.

This course focuses on aspects of technology used within the Music industry and enables pupils to achieve a nationally recognized Level 2 qualification. Pupils study 4 units of work: Using a Digital Audio Workstation, Creating Music, Studio Recording and Sound Creation.

Evidence is presented by the way of a portfolio for which pupils will be required to make use of ICT for research and presentation. Portfolios must show both work in progress and completed assignments; this can be in the form of video and/or audio recordings, short reports, specific assignment notes, observation records, discussion notes and class presentations. There are also 2 externally moderated assignments to complete the course. Pupils can achieve a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction Plus grade.

Music Technology Learning Schemes

Music Tech Learning Scheme Years 9 - 11