The Physical Education department are passionate about developing in every student a lifelong enjoyment and positive attitude towards physical activity. We aim to create a happy environment for pupils to grow in body, mind and spirit within a variety of physical activities and roles.

Sport plays a vital role in the physical, emotional, social and cultural wellbeing of every student. By engaging students to be the best they can be, we can help them to develop the resilience, determination and courage to show the world their uniqueness.

Using the school’s key Christian values in sporting context, we aim to provide students with excellent morals and an appreciation of discipline through rules to enable them to live life in all its fullness in school and the wider community.

We offer a diverse range of sporting experiences at curricular and extra-curricular level to help pupils recognise, appreciate and evaluate their own, and others, talents in different sporting contexts, whilst remembering humility in victory and grace in defeat. This broad and balanced curriculum ensures that all students cover the key sports of netball, football, handball, gymnastics and athletics in all years 7-9 and then allows students to experience a variety of other sports to help develop a lifelong love of sport. Students study a range of individual and team sports.

We teach students a range of fundamental movement skills that are transferable across many sports including jumping, running, throwing and catching, turning, pushing and pulling, balance, stretching and curling, hopping and dodging. These skills are basic skills that form the basis of all sports taught in school. We also have a list of skills for each sport covered in every year group that can be viewed as skills required by the end of the module. These skills are viewable on the website under the Physical Education page.

We offer a broad curriculum to all pupils, that is well sequenced (developing skills/subject knowledge) and ambitious (allowing all children to flourish with our high expectations) across both key stages including:

 Years 7 and 8

Invasion games: Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Handball

Striking and fielding games: Flat bat rounders and Cricket

Net games: Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis

Fitness: Health related fitness, Fitness Testing, Aerobics

Artistic Activities: Dance (Dance department), Gymnastics

Athletic activities: Athletics, Cross Country Running

 Years 9, 10 and 11 (Core PE)

Invasion games: Netball, Rugby, Football, Handball, Hockey

Striking and fielding games: Rounders, Cricket, Softball and Danish longball

Target games: Archery, indoor curling, Boccia

Net games: Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis

Fitness: Fitness classes, use of the All Season’s leisure center gym suite.

Artistic activities: Gymnastics, Dance (Dance department)

Athletic activities: Athletics

Swimming activities: Swimming

OAA: Climbing

Our wider curricular programme at St Michael’s gives pupils the opportunity to stretch their sporting skills further and also to experience the exhilarating feeling of participating in school teams and competitions.

We expect high standards of behaviour, effort, attendance and commitment at our school team practices.

We currently offer extra-curricular clubs in netball, football (boys and girls), rugby (boys and tag rugby girls), rounders, cricket (indoor and outdoor), athletics, badminton, gymnastics, hockey, handball, indoor athletics, climbing, cross country and basketball.

Our facilities are excellent, consisting of a full sports hall (consisting of 4 badminton courts, 1 full netball court, a volley ball court, basketball court and indoor football),a climbing wall, a fully equipped gymnasium, 4 outdoor tennis courts, 3 outdoor netball courts and a field marked in summer for athletics and cricket, and winter for football and rugby.

 Our most recent successes have been:

Yr 7A, 7B, 8, 9, 10 and 11 Chorley and District Netball Champions

Yr 9 Runners up in Lancashire Netball Competition and Lancashire representatives in North West England Finals.

U14 and U16 Boys Chorley and District Badminton Silver Medallists

U14 and U16 Chorley and District Girls Badminton Gold Medallists

Yr 7 and Yr 8 Aquasplash Champions

Overall  Chorley and District Swimming Gala Champions

Yr 8 Chorley and District Football Champions

Yr 7&8 Euxton Girls Chorley and Leyland Cup Champions
Yr 7 Girls Chorley and District Gold Medal winners, Bronze Medals (3rd place) in Lancashire

Yr 7 Boys and 8 Girls Chorley and District Silver Medal winners

Yr 8 and 10 Chorley and District Rounders Champions

Yr 7 Girls, 8&9 Boys and Girls, Yr10&11 Girls Chorley and District Cross Country Champions

Yr 8 Boys and Yr7&8 Girls Chorley and District Silver Medalists

U13 Girls Chorley and District Indoor Cricket Champions, Lancashire North Winners, Runners up in Lancashire.

U15 Girls Chorley and District Indoor Cricket Champions, Lancashire North Winners, 3rd place in North of England.

Chorley and District Athletics Champions Y7,8, 9, 10 and Whole School Champions

U15 Girls Chorley and District Handball Champions, Lancashire Champions

U15 Boys Chorley and District Bronze Medallists, Lancashire Champions, North of England Runners-up, National Finals representing the North Of England. 8th in England Finals.

U16 Chorley and District Basketball Champions

U13 Chorley and District Cricket Champions

Physical Education Learning Schemes

5 Year Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Intent for Individual Sports Year 7- 9 

Curriculum Intent for Individual Sports Year 10 - 11

Curriculum Intent for GCSE Practical

GCSE Theory Curriculum (Y11 2023-24)

GCSE Practical Curriculum (Y11 2023-24)

GCSE Curriculum Year 10 2023-24