Food Preparation and Nutrition forms part of the Technology Department.

The Technology Department is an enthusiastic and dedicated curriculum area of specialist teachers. We are committed to encouraging and developing creative flair and a passion for problem solving in our young people at St Michael’s.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

The Food Preparation and Nutrition Department’s intent is to give pupils the skills to cook nutritious dishes and to make informed decisions in adult life about the food they are consuming. This will have a huge impact on their future health and well-being.

Food is unique as pupils of all abilities have a real sense of achievement and self-worth when they have produced dishes which can be taken home and shared with family and friends.

The focus is on developing pupils’ character so they flourish in all areas of life. Pupils grow in body, mind and spirit when they are creative, seek out new recipe ideas and consider how their food choices impact others.

Year 7, 8 and 9

During their time in Food, pupils learn how to prepare, cook, and present a range of mainly savoury dishes. Practical lessons have a ‘skills focus’ with basic cooking techniques in Year 7 through to higher level techniques in Year 9. They will gain the ability to use recipes and adapt them to meet the dietary needs of others.

As pupils progress through the years they build up a knowledge and understanding of key concepts including food safety, nutrition and health, food commodities, food provenance, food choice and food science.                                                                        

Pupils will learn through a range of approaches including food science investigations, sensory analysis, demonstrations, individual written work, cooperative learning, peer assessment, self-assessment and practical activities. They are encouraged to use a range of techniques to express ideas and conclusions, such as bullet points, mind maps, discussion and written work.                                                                                    

Pupils who are particularly interested in cooking can attend the Cookery Club. These sessions are always fun and have proved to be extremely popular.

 Year 9 Curriculum Enrichment Programme – Baking for the Open Kitchen

 In Year 9, all pupils embark on the Curriculum Enrichment programme. As part of the programme, all pupils take part in lessons involving aspects of the Food Preparation and Nutrition Curriculum; namely focussing on extending and improving baking skills, and knowledge of cooking techniques. They make four different types of cakes and are then encouraged to donate a quantity of their choosing to charity. Their cakes are then taken to the Help the Homeless Open Kitchen following the lesson each week. This builds on skills and knowledge from Years 7 and 8 but also encourages pupils to think about those less fortunate than themselves, to give of their time and resources willingly and to make a difference in their community in a real way. Please see the information and learning schemes for the Open Kitchen below or on the webpage for the Year 9 Curriculum Enrichment programme.

Year 9 Curriculum Enrichment – Rotation 7 Compassion Kitchen

 Year 10 and 11

 Pupils who choose this subject as an option study the Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition course. (http//

 In Year 10 they explore new ingredients and different ways of cooking, through experimentation and higher level practical cookery skills. They discover the essentials of food science, the principles of nutrition, consider the concept of sustainability and consider a wider range of factors when making food choices for themselves and others.

In Year 11 the course focuses on two non-examination assessments and a written examination.

Success at GCSE can lead to opportunities in pursuing college courses, apprenticeships or careers in the Food Industry, Hospitality and Catering, or Health.

Food Preparation and Nutrition Learning Schemes

Food Preparation and Nutrition Learning Scheme - Year 7

Food Preparation and Nutrition Learning Scheme - Year 8

Food Preparation and Nutrition Learning Scheme - Year 9

Food Preparation and Nutrition Learning Scheme - Year 10

Food Preparation and Nutrition Learning Scheme - Year 11