Design and Technology forms part of the Technology Department.

The Design and Technology Department is an enthusiastic and dedicated curriculum area of specialist teachers. We are committed to encouraging and developing creative flair and a passion for problem solving in our young people at St Michael’s.

We aim to support our students in developing the skills, confidence, and competence to take risks to help them become resourceful, innovative, enterprising, and capable citizens, both individually and as members of a team. They will acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines across the STEAM curriculum, such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art. Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous, and practical subject, and students develop strong values on aesthetic, moral, social, cultural, and environmental issues. They learn to judge this through the evaluation and appreciation of both contemporary and historical designers. We believe that, by the time they leave Saint Michael’s, they will have acquired the attributes to fully prepare them to approach their future with confidence and resilience; building life skills in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Years 7, 8 and 9

Design and Technology is part of the Art and Technology carousel in Years 7, 8, and 9. In the rotations, pupils will have the opportunity to experience both workshop and computer suite environments. Christian values will form the basis for each of the projects the pupils experience.

In Year 7 the pupils will design a wooden key fob mobile phone stand. They will also be introduced to CADCAM software and machinery, using Techsoft Design to create their own graphics in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, which will then be added to their key fob using the laser cutter.  They will learn the Health and Safety issues linked to working in a workshop and then develop their practical skills cutting softwood by hand using hand saws and files, and using machinery including the belt sander and the pillar drill. 

 In Year 8 the pupils focus on solving a problem in a creative way by developing a lamp that uses a recycled tin can. They are introduced to electronics and learn how to solder a basic circuit to power the lamp using an LED. They will develop their practical skills to create the adjustable frame. In-depth packaging research helps them design their own using Photoshop, taking the physical properties of the material into account. Again, the links between the two specialist areas helps the pupils to create a complete product and brand.

In Year 9 pupils are introduced to 3D printing in the design and make of an inclusive game aimed at those with visual impairment. Through first-hand experience they will gain the insight to help them create a new game or modify an existing one so that those with visual impairment could join in. Pupils will learn Onshape and Cura to help them use the 3D printers to make parts of the game. They will build on their Photoshop skills to design the game board.

Years 10 and 11

Pupils who choose this subject as an option follow the AQA GCSE Design and Technology Course (

 In Year 10 they will cover a range of different projects where they will develop their design and making skills. The projects include an inclusive pizza cutter to developing a prototype for a lighting solution, extending the skills they learnt through the lower years whilst introducing them to the needs of the NEA element of the GCSE. Within the single lessons pupils will be taught the core theory through a range of short hands-on projects.

 In Year 11 the pupils will begin their Non-Exam Assessment (worth 50% of the total GCSE grade.). The final 2hr exam, also worth 50%, will take place in the June of Year 11. This will test pupils’ knowledge of core and specialist material areas as well as their understanding of sustainability, ergonomics, designing and making principles.

Design and Technology Learning Schemes

Design and Technology Learning Scheme - Year 7

Design and Technology Learning Scheme - Year 8

Design and Technology Learning Scheme - Year 9

Design and Technology Learning Scheme - Year 10

Design and Technology Learning Scheme - Year 11