The Tutorial System - On entry to the school pupils are placed in tutorial groups with an individual tutor; these groups are seen by their tutor each morning. Pupils normally remain in their tutorial groups for the whole of the five years at the school. Our most talented singers and instrumentalists from Years 9-11 form Hughes tutorial group and take part in many performances in school.

The tutor maintains an overview of the progress of each child across the curriculum and delivers the Living Education programme. He or she is in a unique position to ensure that each child is happy, working to their potential and contributing to the life of the tutorial and the wider life of the school. The tutor is normally the first person to contact regarding issues about a child. Through the daily interactions in the tutorial group and the Living Education programme tutors promote the core values of the school and aim to ensure that pupils live within a Christian framework based on respect for others and personal integrity.

Each tutorial has a 'patron' who is a person, living or dead, who embodies the Christian ethos and way of life. Many of the patrons who are living maintain contact with their tutorial by letter or by personal visits.

Tutors are managed by Pupil Managers who have performance as a key focus for their work. The team of Pupil Managers is led by the Deputy Head.

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