Religious Education

RE at St Michael’s supports growth in body, mind and spirit and fulfils our Mission Statement,

‘As a vibrant learning community we aim to serve God, pursue excellence and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual’.

We study religion within a Christian context, reflecting the Anglican tradition of our school. We aim to provide exciting learning experiences, reaching for the highest standards of excellence.  We support spiritual development by providing a safe space for each unique individual to explore their beliefs, whatever those beliefs might be.  Religious Education is in line with the Church of England’s Statement of Entitlement.

Our aims are expressed in the words of Lord Runcie, quoted in The Way Ahead (Archbishop’s Council 2001):

“Nourish those of the faith;

Encourage those of other faiths;

Challenge those who have no faith.”

We encourage pupils to share with us in a search for the truth.  Our school’s foundation statement demonstrates that as a Christian school we believe a search for the truth will lead to Jesus Christ and we are committed to nurturing pupils who have a faith commitment as they develop their theological thinking.  

However, we also respect the differing views represented in our school and we are aware that we may all start and end our search for truth in different places.  We are committed to being inclusive as Jesus was inclusive, prompting questioning as Jesus prompted questioning and challenging pupils to evaluate issues for themselves.

The department is staffed by a team of four enthusiastic and experienced RE specialists.  Approximately 70% of curriculum time is spent studying Christianity, with the remaining time being focused on other faiths, principally Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.

We provide opportunities for pupils to meet people of faith and to visit places of worship. Our programme of visits includes opportunities to explore Chester Cathedral, a mosque and a synagogue.  Recent visitors to school have included the Bishop of Carlisle, the Bishop of Burnley, a Manchester Charity for the Homeless, a speaker about Fairtrade and Anjum Anwar, previously Blackburn Diocese’s Dialogue Development Officer, who spoke about her Muslim faith. 

All pupils study RE to GCSE level. The course includes the study of the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Judaism, as well as consideration of moral issues such as war, crime and punishment and human rights. Many of our teaching strategies require pupils to work collaboratively. Pupils develop personal learning and thinking skills in RE which support their learning in other curricular areas and when they continue their education on leaving school.

Religious Education Learning Schemes

RE Learning Scheme Years 10 & 11

RE Learning Scheme Year 9

RE Learning Scheme Years 7 and 8