Geography is a subject which stimulates a sense of wonder about our world.  It helps young people to make sense of the continually changing environment in which they live.

The Geography Department is staffed by highly qualified and committed teachers who are very keen to share their passion for the subject.  The learning environment in the two dedicated rooms is bright, spacious and well equipped.

The aim of the department is to inspire students to become global citizens by:-

Exploring their place in the world.

Identifying their values and their responsibilities to others.

Becoming increasingly aware of their environment and the need for a sustainable future for the planet.

Whilst studying geography, students will experience a range of different approaches to learning that aim to develop study skills.

Lessons regularly include opportunities for collaborative learning, where students work together to complete projects and presentations, as well as peer assessment. Learning in geography is enhanced through the use of new technologies such as iPads and ICT resources, for example using learning mats and QR codes to complete research activities. Lessons are engaging and interactive, using drama, dance and clay modelling among other learning strategies.    


In Years 7-8 pupils have two lessons of Geography per week.  During this time they are invited to explore their place within the UK, Europe and the world.  They develop an understanding of the impact of population growth and the need to explore sustainable futures.  They learn enquiry and map skills and begin to learn about the physical processes which shape our planet and that have a direct effect on the daily routines of life. In Year 8 the Geography department works with other Humanities subjects in coordinating a research project into the impacts of tourism at Chester Cathedral. Students take part in a visit to Chester, and complete a series of follow up lessons concluding with a peer assessed group presentation. All students are also given the opportunity to take part in residential field trips where they are able to grow their understanding and passion for geography through fieldwork and outdoor activities, such as orienteering and river profiling.


Geography is an option subject at KS4.  Pupils are taught in mixed ability groupings. We follow the Edexcel Geography A specification. This popular course offers a stimulating blend of traditional and contemporary geography to suit students of all abilities. All students are given the opportunity to take part in a residential field visit, where they are challenged to try various outdoor activities, such as orienteering and a low ropes course. As well, fieldwork is undertaken which links directly to the topics studied in the course. This experience aims to stimulate engagement in the subject, and further their understanding.  

There is an equal focus on physical and human geography which allows a smooth transition to further study, should this be their aim.

Study of this course will give students the opportunity to develop:

  • communication skills
  • graphical and cartographical skills
  • technological skills including ICT and GIS
  • interpersonal skills through debate and discussion
  • literacy and numeracy skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • entrepreneurial skills and awareness of career possibilities.

Undertaking activities in geography helps learners to become successful and confident individuals with a responsible attitude to society.  They develop an awareness of the need for stewardship of the environment and a sense of wonder of the world.

Geography Learning Schemes

Geography Assessment Schedule Sep 2019 

KS3 long term plan from Sept 2019

KS4 long term plan from Sept 2019