If you or someone you know is being bullied, abused or targeted whether verbally, physically or sexually or if you are worried about their safety please let us know.

Such abusers only have ‘power’ if we give it to them. Don’t let yourself or someone you know suffer in silence.

If you don’t feel comfortable reporting it yourself, you may wish to ask a friend or a family member to instead.

Alternatively you could use the SHARP System to let us know. The SHARP system is a confidential way to stop you, or a friend or someone you have seen suffering in any way.

We will take what you say very seriously and deal with the issues as sensitively and thoughtfully as possible.

We will never dismiss anything as ‘banter’, ‘just having a laugh’, ‘part of growing up’. It will not be tolerated at St Michael’s.

Help us to help you and others.

Anti-Bullying Week 2023 – School of Kindness

Please click here to access our Sharp System

Please click here to see our Anti-Bullying Policy policy.