In Modern Foreign Languages we aim to nurture passionate linguists so they become excellent communicators who choose to pursue a lifelong love of languages. 

We are a department of 7 French and German specialists and our goal is to share our passion, talent and knowledge to inspire the pupils we teach and enable them to flourish in either or both languages.

We would like all who study a language to learn with an open mind. We understand that all pupils are unique in their learning styles so we create a safe learning environment where pupils are encouraged to ‘have a go,’ without fear of making mistakes.
We aim to develop pupils’ creative side - to have the ability to manipulate language and be able to express their thoughts and feelings confidently. Pupils must also be able to see not only the relevance of learning a language in today’s communication-driven world but also the practical travel and job opportunities that continuing with language learning gives. 

We hope our budding linguists also strive to become curious about the world they live in. By learning about others cultures, we believe pupils then simultaneously have a better appreciation for their own so they can go out into the world as global citizens who respect everyone they may encounter in life.   

Through the topics we teach, our European trips, weekly foreign film club and penpal links to schools abroad, we also develop pupil’s cultural knowledge, enhancing the school vision of providing opportunities for them to grow in body, mind and spirit. We also aim to give them confidence to communicate with others first hand as well as experience a little bit of life outside Chorley. 

German at St Michael’s

All pupils study at least one language at St Michael's with many opting for German at GCSE.

Pupils start German in Year 7 and no prior knowledge is necessary. They are given one piece of home learning a week which could include revising classwork, preparing a written paragraph or learning spellings and vocabulary.

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 have two lessons a week of both German and French. In Year 9, they have 2 lessons of their chosen language but can opt to continue to study both. Those who wish to take at least one MFL language GCSE have either 3 or 4 lessons in Year 10 and 11.

We do not follow a set text book but use a wide range of resources. Pupils work towards the AQA qualification. The GCSE is divided into four skill areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each skill area makes up 25% of the whole GCSE mark.

We offer language trips abroad where pupils are encouraged to practise the target language as well as experiencing a little of the German culture. We run a holiday at Easter to Cologne and Years 9-11 have the chance to visit Berlin as part of the biennial Berlin, Krakow, Prague educational visit at October half term.

Our pupils make excellent progress in their language learning, achieve great results and many choose to continue studying German at college.

German Learning Schemes

German Learning Schemes Year 7 - 9

German Learning Schemes Year 10 - 11