There are four Christian Values Enrichment Days annually. These are aimed at enhancing the Curriculum by focusing on the Christian values, with pupils experiencing a wealth of different activities, educational visits and team based tasks. They are in line with our Christian vision of providing our pupils with plentiful opportunities to flourish, develop and grow in body, mind and spirit.


Below is the programme of the Christian Values Enrichment Day activities for 2023-24


Christian Values Enrichment Days 2023-24



September 28 2023


June 17 2024

July 18 2024

July 19 2024

Year 7

Good and Evil

AIMS: Pupils take part in activities looking our school motto, ‘Therefore Choose’ and taking part in various activities and reflections.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Community, faith.

ACTIVITIES: Pupils take part in activities including a fashion show and drama looking at how God will help if there are any big decisions to be made and how they can make positive choices in life.

Year 8

RE visit

Mosque and Cathedral visit:

AIM: To build faith bridges with other religious communities.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Community, respect

ACTIVITIES: Pupils visit a Blackburn Mosque and Blackburn Cathedral and speakers talk to them about their religious beliefs and customs.


AIM: To use creativity exploring themes and preparing for the end of term service.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Creation, community, stewardship

ACTIVITIES: This day is used annually to prepare pupils for the end of term service and the themes which will be explored in this. This year the theme is stewardship of our world.

Teambuilding and diversity

AIM: To explore aspects of diversity and equality and take part in some physical teambuilding activities

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Community, peace, justice

ACTIVITIES: This day is in two halves. Pupils take part in teambuilding physical activities which require both mental and physical strength. Pupils also look at diversity, exploring immigration and the situation for refugees.

Year 8

Social Justice

AIM Pupils spend the day exploring the theme of Human Rights.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Justice, peace, hope, community.

ACTIVITIES: Pupils take part in three out of four practical based activities within Dance, Drama, Art and Music. They watch a film telling the story of Charlotte Salomon, a German Jewish painter, who died in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943. They then explore various human rights through team building activities.

Year 9

 Pupils attend both the visits on different days depending on their teaching groups:


Grasmere Geography field trip

AIMS: Pupils explore the impacts of tourism on Grasmere village and the importance of stewardship.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Creation, thankfulness, stewardship. 

ACTIVITIES: Pupils complete a number of data collection tasks to explore how tourism has affected this honeypot site. They will explore both the positive and negative effects of tourism and why stewardship is so important in this village.


History visit to Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds.

AIMS: Pupils visit Thackray Museum to extend their learning in the classroom and prepare them for their GCSE course.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Community, compassion, wisdom, justice

ACTIVITIES: Pupils will have a guided workshop called 'Disease Street' and a self-guided tour of the rest of the museum. Should pupils choose to opt for History in Years 10 and 11, they will study medicine through the ages and this visit will therefore enhance this course.



AIMS: To give pupils the experience of another culture through the Performing Arts.


ACTIVITIES: Outside group Bang Drum allow pupils to experience the culture and rhythms of Brazil. Pupils have a presentation of different styles of world percussion and dance, touching on the history and culture of styles from Egypt, West African and Cuba. They then take part in Art, Dance and Music.

Year 9


AIM: To have an entire day dedicated to investigating projects based on Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: stewardship.

ACTIVITIES: Pupils take part in STEM activities, including sustainability workshops appreciating the importance of working together as a global community.


Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award expedition

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Creation, endurance, wisdom, trust


June: training day for expedition

Pupils are completing their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award during their Curriculum Enrichment time in Year 9. This culminates at the end of the year with the expedition. In June the pupils do a training day, where they learn how to pack a rucksack, complete some walking, revise map reading skills, trangia cooking and pitch a tent in preparation for the real expedition in July.


July 18 and 19 / Sept 26 and 27 Bronze DofE expedition

Pupils complete their expedition over two days, two of which are the July Enrichment Day. Pupils complete this in a half year group whilst the other half of the year take part in the activities below:



Pupils spend half a day looking at Democracy and the UK. They explore the model of democracy compared to other forms of government, and how democratic the UK is compared to other countries. It is designed to build cultural capital and develop critical thinking skills.


English / oracy

Pupils take part in debating activities developing and practising skills needed for their GCSE English speaking exam.


Computing / Synagogue visit

Pupils will take part in a visit to the Manchester Synagogue to again further build bridges in the community. They also spend half a day focussing on skills in the KS4 programme of study for Computing.


Year 10

Computing and SMSC day

This day is in two parts.

AIMS: To promote Online Safety, Computing, allow pupils to try data programming and to give pupils their first insights into revision techniques and strategies for exam success.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Trust, community, endurance.

ACTIVITIES: Pupils are involved in ’Super Sleuthing’ using data programming to find treasure. Part of their day is also focused on safety online.

Half of the day is dedicated to SMSC, with pupils looking at immigration, Prevent / radicalisation, mental health and wellbeing.

Year 11

Runshaw College Sampling Day

AIMS: To give Year 11 a taste of college life and explore ideas for their future.


ACTIVITIES: Year 11 attend Runshaw College. They select various subjects and courses to explore which interest them and then take part in these as taster sessions.


Work Experience

AIMS; To give Year 11 a taste of life after school and an experience of a workplace.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: hope, wisdom, endurance

ACTIVITIES: Pupils are informed about Work Experience at the start of Year 10 and are expected to find their own placement. They are given considerable guidance and have a careers lesson once every four weeks.

Work Experience particularly satisfies Gatsby Benchmarks:

5. Encounters with employers and employees

6. Experiences of workplaces


Year 11

Alton Towers

AIMS: To celebrate dedicated diligence and give pupils a well-deserved fun day.


ACTIVITIES: Pupils go to Alton Towers for the day as a special treat for their hard work and commitment. Pupils benefit greatly from this break from work!


Year 11 have left

Year 11 have left

Year 11 have left



These activities are reviewed annually and the plan for 2024-25 is presently being created.