Learning to Learn

All pupils in Year 7 study Learning to Learn (L2L) for one lesson per week.

This course strives to develop the skills and attributes needed for lifelong learning. Pupils become familiar with a variety of learning strategies and consider how and when they learn best. The Personal Learning and Thinking Skills are an integral part of the programme. In Learning to Learn and pupils develop an understanding of how the brain works and approaches to learning and revision that can be applied in all areas of the curriculum and beyond.

Within Learning to Learn pupils are given the opportunity to learn memory techniques and revision strategies such as mind mapping and summarising notes.  They are encouraged to use new technologies when revising for tests, assessments and presentations.  There are many opportunities for pupils to develop and enhance their Personal Learning and Thinking Skills such as being an effective team worker, effective participant, reflective learner, creative thinker, good self-managers and independent enquirers. 

There is also a large focus on emotional well-being within the Learning to Learn course.  Within their learning pupils will try out techniques that can assist them if they feel anxious or worried.  The Growth Mindset formulated by Carol Dweck is studied and this allows pupils to think positively about their learning and enables them to understand the importance of emotional resilience and not giving up.  They are encouraged to put into action feedback and think positively about challenges considering how they can learn from any mistakes made.  Learning to Learn provides a safe space for pupils to consider what they learn and how they learn it.