Our Library Resource Centre, the Armstrong Centre, was opened in October 2015. This modern, comfortably furnished building is equipped with the latest technology, including computer workstations, to facilitate research and independent study. 

The library is very popular and is open to pupils at break, lunch, and after school.  

Additionally, the library boasts a regularly updated wide selection of fiction and non-fiction titles. Our catalogue covers many genres ranging from the classics through to contemporary authors and short story collections. We have recently extended our range of non-fiction titles and young adult fiction. There are regular library tweets to keep the school family updated on book recommendations and general literary news. 

The library holds termly quizzes and competitions too - pupils from all year groups are encouraged to participate in the activities and view it as a creative and flexible space in which they can feel at home. It is also very much a space for pupils to find some calm and quiet during their busy day. The upstairs study area is regularly used by older pupils for silent revision and exam preparation. 

All pupils have the opportunity to become part of the library team, being trained in ICT, organisational and librarianship skills.