We want all pupils to have the opportunity to achieve their very best and believe that high levels of attendance are crucial to this. Studies show that there is a clear link between pupil attendance at school and achievement. Leave of absence may only be granted by the school in exceptional circumstances. Parents/carers are requested therefore not to arrange leave of absence (family holidays) during term time.

If your child is unwell you should contact school to explain the reason. Where there is no contact from parents to explain an absence, the attendance co-ordinator will record an unauthorised absence. All absences from school must be explained by a note or phone call from parents and as much notice given as possible.

Attendance Facts


Your child is making the most of all the opportunities available to them. They are very likely to achieve 7 good GCSE grades. They obviously value their education and know the importance good attendance plays in securing a solid foundation for a successful future.



Your child's chances of achieving 7 good GCSE grades are reduced significantly. They are missing up to 3 weeks of learning which equates to 120 missed lessons. Evidence shows that on average they will achieve 1 grade lower at each GCSE than if their attendance was above 97%.


< 92%

Your child's attendance is a cause for concern. This level of attendance will have a serious impact on education, work ethic and life chances. Less than 90% is classed as ‘persistently absent’. They could be missing over half a school year throughout their time at St Michael’s – over 160 lessons each year.



St Michael's Attendance Policy

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