There are four Christian Values Enrichment Days annually. These are aimed at enhancing the Curriculum by focusing on the Christian values, with pupils experiencing a wealth of different activities, educational visits and team based tasks. They are in line with our Christian vision of providing our pupils with plentiful opportunities to flourish, develop and grow in body, mind and spirit.


Below is the programme of the Christian Values Enrichment Day activities for 2023-24


Christian Values Enrichment Days 2023-24



September 28 2023


June 17 2024

July 18 2024

July 19 2024

Year 7

Good and Evil

AIMS: Pupils take part in activities looking our school motto, ‘Therefore Choose’ and taking part in various activities and reflections.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Community, faith.

ACTIVITIES: Pupils take part in activities including a fashion show and drama looking at how God will help if there are any big decisions to be made and how they can make positive choices in life.

Year 8

RE visit

Mosque and Cathedral visit:

AIM: To build faith bridges with other religious communities.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Community, respect

ACTIVITIES: Pupils visit a Blackburn Mosque and Blackburn Cathedral and speakers talk to them about their religious beliefs and customs.


AIM: To use creativity exploring themes and preparing for the end of term service.

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Creation, community, stewardship

ACTIVITIES: This day is used annually to prepare pupils for the end of term service and the themes which will be explored in this. This year the theme is stewardship of our world.

Teambuilding and diversity

AIM: To explore aspects of diversity and equality and take part in some physical teambuilding activities

CHRISTIAN VALUES: Community, peace, justice

ACTIVITIES: This day is in two halves. Pupils take part in teambuilding physical activities which require both mental and physical strength. Pupils also look at diversity, exploring immigration and the situation for refugees.