St Michael’s Trust raises funds to supplement the school budget for the benefit of all the pupils at the  school.

Why the school needs your support. St Michael’s Church of England High School has a justified  reputation  as one of the best schools in Lancashire.  Opened in 1965, the school was established  through  the generous contributions of the Foundation Parishes.  The first Headteacher Mr Roy Moore,  along with the Governors, founded a trust fund to financially support the future development of the school.

Up until conversion to an Academy in June 2011, the Governors of St Michael’s had to fund 10% of all building work and structural repairs to the building and relied upon the trust fund to do this.

In the continued economic turbulence of government funding for education, school budgets are not able to support building improvements.  Academies can apply for 'Continued Improvement Funding' but this is to address significant condition need or projects addressing health and safety issues.  

It is vitally important to constantly invest in our facilities to ensure we continue developing the best possible learning environment in which our pupils and staff work and learn.

The Trust has supported the funding of The Armstrong Centre, which incorporates our library and chapel, the Glasshouse dining area, ICT facilities across school and more recently, a dedicated first aid suite and new pupil meeting room, none of which would have been possible without the support of the St Michael's Trust Fund.


How can you help?

Each year we ask our new parents to consider donating money to the Trust to help us improve the quality of education for your sons and daughters. All monies given will be used specifically for the benefit of pupils. 

Our plans

We are currently looking to source funding for refurbishment to our Gymnasium. Along with an upgrade to the current sporting and fitness apparatus, we are seeking funding to improve the building interior and furnishings.

The main hall and balcony seating were also tired and in need of investment, and as of 2023 have been refurbished to create a vibrant and modern facility for our pupils.


Your gifts

St Michael’s is extremely fortunate to have so many parents who invest in our, and their child’s future.


Any donation pledged is very much appreciated. Under the gift aid scheme the Trust is able to reclaim the tax on money pledged, so increasing further the value of your donation.

How to contribute

Most of our parents in the past have chosen to make payments to the Trust during the five years their child is at St Michael’s, either monthly or annually. 

Please consider carefully how much you are able to give. 

We are ambitious in our plans but with a future of increasing costs and reducing funding, our ability to complete our plans within the school budget is limited. We want your children to have the best educational facilities and resources – with your help this can be achieved.

Thank you for your support.

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