Since 2020 the Year 7 Catch-up Premium is no longer available. However, a similar titled extra fund, supporting a  larger group of pupils impacted by Covid will also include those pupils entering high school who require extra support. Please see these documents for further guidance:-

St Michael's Catch-up Premium 2020/21

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021/22

Legacy Year 7 Catch-up Premium Information

Catch-up Premium is additional funding to be used by schools to provide literacy and numeracy catch-up support for Year 7 pupils. It will enable those pupils that did not achieve standard (scale score 100) in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2 to be given the opportunity to catch up as quickly as possible.

School was allocated £5,500 for 11 pupils who had achieved level 3 in the academic year 2015-16. In that academic year the allocation per pupil was £500. Funding in subsequent years increases/ decreases according to the number on roll, this was £5382 in 2016-17, £5358 in 2017-18, £5,311 in 2018-19 and finally £5,453 in 2019-20.

Money is not ring-fenced but goes towards providing the following additional improvement strategies for these pupils:

Enrichment – this is provided to pupils who struggle with literacy or numeracy.

·         Read and Write software.

·         LUCID testing programme

·         Maths Whizz.

·         Centra – ICT project to improve spelling skills and help with typing skills.

·         Behaviour support, monitored by teaching staff.

·         Pupils being monitored by SEN staff and regularly have reading skills reviewed.

·         TA support in lessons – All pupils have TA support in at least one lesson.

·         Summer school.

Impact of funding and strategies in place.

The support put in place for pupils eligible for the Catch-Up Premium have shown to have a positive impact on these pupils in allowing progress to be made from their low baseline in Reading and Maths.

In 2015/16:

  • Three pupils were identified as Level 3 in Reading at KS2. At the start of Year 8, after an academic year of focused intervention, these three pupils are now on track to make at least 3 levels of progress.
  • Five pupils were identified as level 3 in Maths at KS2. Again the focused intervention has had a positive impact with all five pupils now on track to make three levels of progress in this subject.
  • Two pupils were identified as level 3 for both Reading and Maths. One of these pupils has already made three levels of progress in English.

Support for these pupils remains in place.

GCSE results for 2017 showed that Band 3 pupils made excellent progress. Progress 8 score 1.0 which placed them in the 4th percentile nationally and significantly above expectations (2018 IDSR). Initial analysis of GCSE results in 2018 indicates that Band 3 pupils again made excellent progress with a Progress 8 score of 0.5 (provisional IDSR)

GCSE results for 2018 showed that Band 3 pupils made excellent progress. Progress 8 for this group of pupils placed them in the top quintile nationally, with a score of 0.5 (2019 IDSR)

GCSE results for 2019 showed that Band 3 pupils made excellent progress. This year group had an improved Progress 8 score of 0.73. No GCSE results are published for 2020 due to pupils receiving centre assessed grades because of the impact of Covid.