At Saint Michael’s we have a large number of pupils with a highly academic profile. All pupils follow the same curriculum and the challenging but achievable target levels set in Year 7 are personal to the individual child regardless of which teaching group they are placed in.


Teaching groups based on academic ability (a combination of raw SAT results, where available, and Cognitive Ability Test scores) will be identified with a single letter S, A, I, N, M, C, H, E. This applies to English, Maths, Science, Humanities (RE, Geography, and History) and Modern Foreign Languages. Learning to Learn, ICT and Performing Arts are in some instances taught in these teaching groups.


Mixed ability teaching groups have been created alphabetically in these subjects (Art, Design & Technology, Food Preparation & Nutrition, Graphic Products, PE, Product Design, Textiles and some Learning to Learn, ICT and Performing Arts classes). These groupings are identified by two letters VF, VJ, VP, VQ, VW, GF, GJ, GP, GQ, GR and GW.