Computer Science

GCSE Computer Science

After studying the basics of Computer Science in Information Computing lessons in Key Stage 3, pupils can opt for GCSE Computer Science in Year 9. They follow the AQA Computer Science course which aims to get students working with real world programming and provides a good understanding of the key concepts of computing. Pupils are assessed in the following areas:

  • Computational thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Code tracing
  • Applied computing
  • Theoretical knowledge of computer science for example data security, network configuration and data compression.

Pupils are assessed through 2 written exams sat at the end of year 11 (1 hour 30 minutes per exam, both worth 40% of the GCSE) and 1 Non Exam Assessment worth 20% of the GCSE (20 hours).

Learning Scheme

CSc Learning Schemes Year 9-11