A Warm Welcome To our new Year 7

Hello and welcome to Team St Michael’s!  First of all, let me congratulate you on joining our fantastic school.  We’re all really looking forward to working with you and learning about you and your talents.  Over the next five years, we want you to BE SAFE, and HAPPY, BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE and DO THE BEST YOU CAN DO.

The purpose of this page is to help you understand a little more about what it’s like to be a pupil in our school and to hopefully start the process of answering some of the many questions that you might have, during the build-up to September.  I’m sure that your time with us will be filled with challenges and fun, and that you’ll find yourself achieving things that you never thought possible.

Remember that there are over 225 pupils just like you, who’ll probably be feeling just like you, so you are in good company.  Whether you are familiar with the school or not, I know that you’ll soon feel at home and able to find your way around.  But if you’re not sure of anything, you can e-mail or ring St Michael’s and we’ll do our best to help.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mr Gow
Pupil Manager for Year 7

A Message to Parents and Carers

The transition of a child from one school to another is always a time of uncertainty and sometimes anxiety.  I also fully understand that anxiousness can affect the adults of the family too (in some cases more than the children!).  If you find yourself having such feelings, then here are some ideas to help ease the transition for all concerned:

  • Talk to your child about what she or he is looking forward to most regarding Secondary School. Try to highlight the opportunities available, such as the chance to try out new subjects and activities.
  • There will be many opportunities to make new and additional friends within the Year Group. Given that there were probably only around 30 children in their Year 6 class, your child will have a much greater opportunity to find friends who share similar interests.
  • Encourage them to talk to other Year7 pupils, asking about their interests, whilst sharing their own.
  • If they are going to travel to school by bus or public transport, it might be a good idea to let them travel in this way before the Sample Day in July.
  • Encourage them to join lunch-time and after-school clubs and activities. This will help with confidence and making new friends.
  • Help them to get used to new routines and responsibilities by talking through how they might pack their school bag the night before; Home Learning and how to organise themselves for completing it.
  • Encourage them to talk to their Tutors, class teachers or Pupil Manager if they have any concerns.

Finally, if you have any questions between now and September, then don’t hesitate to contact
St Michael’s and we will do our best to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that starting Secondary School can seem like a massive change in your life and that as with any change, you might have any number of questions to ask.  To help you, we’ve put together a list of popular questions from previous Year 6 pupils, with some answers to help.

How will I find my way around the school?

To begin with, you’ll have the chance to get to grips with the layout of St Michael’s on Sample Day in July.  During that day, Year 11 Prefects and Year 10 Peer Mentors will be on hand to help you find your way around from classroom to classroom.  Teachers will also help, along with your new Tutors.

When you begin in September, each class will be given two Year 10 Peer Mentors who will take you to and from each classroom and dining area.  This will continue for about a week, until you feel more confident in making your own way around the school.  In addition, there will be Year 10 Peer Mentors for each Tutorial group, whose job it is to help you settle in during your first year at the school.  There will always be members of staff on duty at break and lunchtimes, so just ask for help and you’ll get it.  You will be given a School Organiser, which also contains a map of the school should you need it.

Who will I know? Will I make new friends?

If you are coming to St Michael’s with others from your Primary school, then we will always try to place you in a Tutorial with someone you know.  If you are the only pupil coming from your Primary school, don’t panic!  You won’t be the only one.  There will be an opportunity to meet your new Tutorial group in July during Sample Day, therefore helping you to meet new people.

In September, you’ll have the chance to join new clubs at lunch-time and after school, which will help you to meet with and make new friends.  Take time to talk to other pupils and share your interests.  Arrange to meet up with people at break or lunch-time and in this way you’ll get to know the layout of the school more quickly.

Will I be able to cope with the work?

Yes!  There is no doubt that this might be a real concern for some of you, but let me assure you that you will cope.  It is true that you may find some of the work challenging, but your teachers will be there to help you and point you in the right direction should you get stuck.  It’s important to challenge yourself to do better than you have before and aim to be the best you can be in all subjects.

Are the teachers really strict?

One of the popular myths amongst Year 6 pupils is that they will get a detention for just about anything!  You’ve no real need to worry about detentions from teachers, as long as you simply follow instructions and do the best you can.  You’ll find it a little unusual at first having so many different teachers, but you’ll soon get used to each one of them and you may well enjoy the variety more than you know.

Helpful Advice from Current Year 7 Pupils

“Make as many friends as you can and relax.  There’s nothing at all to worry about.  The older people are friendly too.”


“Don’t worry if you’re not in the same Teaching Group as your Primary School friends.  You make lots of new friends.”                  


“At the start, when you get into your proper lessons, don’t worry.  Just start to communicate with people that you may not know and you might find similarities.  You can also arrange to meet up with your friends at break (playtime) or at lunch.”               


“Always have a spare pen and pencil.”  


“It is easy to make new friends at St Michael’s.  The teachers are funny and the lessons are interesting, plus you are likely to make friends with older pupils as well. So don’t worry.”                               


“Join clubs and make new friends that way.”     


“The school looks big at first, but soon it becomes small.”            


“Don’t worry, because everyone will help and people will make you feel welcome.”      


“When you get Home Learning, try and do it on the first night you get it.”            


“You’ll get the chance to have your own locker.  Use it to put your PE stuff or other things in, then you won’t worry about losing stuff.”     


“I didn’t know anyone when I started, but I soon found a friend and now we are best mates.”