Teaching Staff Names and Roles



Mrs J L Jenks


Mr J F Chadwick

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C J Hooley

Deputy Headteacher

Mr A N Kellett

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Allcock

Assistant Headteacher

Mr K Tierney

Assistant Headteacher

Ms K Gill

Chief Finance Officer and Business Director


Mr J R Kirkpatrick

Senior Leader: Wellbeing / Pupil Manager, Teacher of History

Mr M Ready

Leading Practitioner and Curriculum Leader: Mathematics


Mrs Y Allmark

Teacher of English

Mrs S J Ashurst

Teacher of Science, 2nd in Department

Mr J Banks

Teacher of RE/Music

Mrs O Blair

Teacher of Science

Mrs D L Brotherton

Teacher of Maths/Music/Curriculum Leader: Living Education

Miss L Brownbill

Teacher of English

Mrs R J Brunsden

Teacher of PE

Mrs E S Burgess

Teacher of Dance/Drama Part time

Mrs C A Burrow

Teacher of Textiles/Art

Miss J N Callander

Teacher of Mathematics, Leader in Learning (STEM)

Mrs F S Cardwell

Curriculum Leader: Technology and Subject Leader: Art

Miss E Cassell

Teacher of Science

Mrs L Cattell

Teacher of French/German Part time

Mr P Clark

Subject Leader: Geography

Mr A M Cree

Teacher of History, Leader in Learning- VLE(Moodle)

Miss Emma Curtis

Teacher of Mathematics, Leader in Learning: Vocational Education, Careers and Business Enterprise

Mrs D Darby

Teacher of Science

Mrs C Dempster

Curriculum Leader: PE

Mr B A Egelnick

Subject Leader: History

Miss K Williams

Subject Leader: ICT

Miss S Evans

Assistant SENCO / Teacher of Computer Science/ICT

Mrs L H Faulkner

Subject Leader: Food Preparation & Nutrition

Mrs A J Ferguson

Teacher of RE/Character for Life Part time

Mrs A Ferson

Teacher of Design Technology Part time

Mrs V L Finch

Teacher of PE Part time

Miss Br G Forrest

Subject Leader: Drama

Mr N S Fraser

Teacher of Geography

Mr J C Gladders

Teacher of Design Technology

Mr D J Gow

Pupil Manager, Teacher of English

Mrs S J Hall

Teacher of Science Part time

Mr J Heywood

Teacher of English Part time

Mr I J Hooley

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss S Howard

Teacher of Science

Mrs K Jennings

Teacher of English

Mrs A Johnson

Cover Supervisor, Mathematics

Mr Ml J Kennedy

Subject Leader: Boys’ PE

Mr C G Kohler

Teacher of PE / Leader in Learning – Student Leadership

Mr M R Leadbeater

Teacher of Mathematics, 2nd in Department

Mrs M Magdi

Curriculum Leader: English

Mrs V E McCaffrey

Pupil Manager, Teacher of Science

Miss C McLachlan

Teacher of French / German

Mrs Z P McDermott

Teacher of Art/Textiles

Mr C J Monks

Teacher of Mathematics / TLR (temp) Engagement of Boys

Mr D J Neville

Pupil Manager/Teacher of Mathematics

Miss J J Nicholson

Curriculum Leader: MFL, German

Miss L O’Malley

Teacher of Geography / TLR (temp) Learning and Teaching / Online Safety and Prevent

Mrs J E Palfrey

Subject Leader for RE / Teacher of RE/CHARACTER FOR LIFE

Miss E Palmer

Teacher of English / English Coordinator

Mrs R L Rackstraw

Pupil Manager, Teacher of ICT

Mr J P Roome

Second in Department for English

Mrs G M Schiel

Teacher of German/French 2nd in Department

Miss K Simons

Teacher of History

Mrs J L Smith

Teacher of English Part time

Mrs M Soper

Teacher of RE Part Time TLR (temp) Character for Life

Mrs K J Stansfield

Teacher of German

Mrs J Stretch

Teacher of English

Mrs V C Thompson

Teacher of Science,  2nd in Department

Mr P R Topping

Teacher of French

Miss L A Vivash

Teacher of RE/CHARACTER FOR LIFE Part time

Mrs A J Walsh

Teacher of Dance/Drama Part time

Miss B Watson

Teacher of English / TLR (temp) Reading

Mr P J White

Subject Leader: Music, Chapel Choir, TLR (temp) Performing Arts Coordinator

Mrs S M Wilk

Curriculum Leader: Science

Mrs T M Wilson

SENCO / Teacher of English


Mrs K Smith

Cover Supervisor




Ms K Gill

Chief Finance Officer and Business Director

Mrs C Jenner

Personal Assistant to the Headteacher / Governance Professional

Mrs E Lever

Data Manager: Performance and Assessment, SIMS Manager, Exams Officer

Miss N Melling

Business and Data Analyst

Mrs A White

Office Manager

Miss S Whittle

School Attendance Officer/office administration

Mrs K Blackstock

Admin Officer

Mrs J Baxendale

Finance Manager / Facilities Manager

Miss F Kelly

Exams assistant/Admin Officer




Mrs L Alty

Higher Level teaching Assistant/Impact

Mrs V Clarkson

Teaching Assistant – Examinations - Maths

Mrs A-M Dean

Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Howkins

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Oldham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Price

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Prince

Teaching Assistant




Miss M Baydemir

Pastoral Admin Support Officer

Mr S Corner

Christian Youth Worker

Mr S Holden

Student Engagement Co-ordinator (Behaviour)

Miss K Larkin

Pastoral Support Leader

Mrs J Monaghan

Pupil Engagement Coordinator (Wellbeing)

Mrs S Mackay

PGU Supervisor




Mrs T Lever

Midday Supervisor




Mr J Kanta

Premises and Lettings Manager

Mr D Eccles

Site and Premises & Technical Support Supervisor



Mr S Bradshaw

ICT Network Manager

Mrs L Brannigan

Senior Science Technician

Mrs R Hincks

Science Technician

Mr D Mason

Media & Communications Officer

Mr J Wilding

Apprentice ICT Technician




Mrs A Walmsley

Catering Manager