Online Safety Policy

Online Safety

All pupils are required to sign the Netiquette Policy.

This clearly states that the school network and computers should be used appropriately at all times.  Pupils are also shown how to use the internet safely in their ICT lessons.  Information about staying safe on line is also in Moodle.  Pupils are also spoken to regularly about the correct use of Facebook and other social networking sites.

On Moodle, there are pages specifically for parents which offer advice on Internet Safety.

There are also links to external websites which cover e-safety in more detail.


All pupils and all staff must email a digitally signed copy of this policy to the Network Manager, in doing so you agree to be bound to the terms of the policy.

1. Network

1.1 All Information and Communications Technology is owned by the school and is made available to pupils to further their education, and for staff to develop curriculum material, management and administration.

1.2 The school reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer system.

1.3 Access to the network should be made through an authorised account and password, which should not be made available to any other person.

1.4 Activity that threatens the integrity of the school ICT systems, or activity that attacks or corrupts other systems is forbidden.

1.5 Use of the network to access unsuitable materials of a sexual nature, racist or any kind of offensive material is forbidden.

2. Internet & Email

2.1 The school reserves the right to monitor all email and Internet sites visited.

2.2 Visits to unapproved sites by pupils will mean that the Headteacher, and parents will be informed and the pupils will be locked out of the system.

2.3 Visits to unapproved sites by teachers will be notified to the Headteacher and the Governing Body for action.

2.4 All Internet activity during contact time should be appropriate to the curriculum requirements of pupils and staff.

2.5 Staff are advised not to input personal data eg bank details on to any school laptop or other IT equipment. Use of the Internet for personal shopping is forbidden during school hours. School will not be held responsible for misuse of personal data obtained from current or former school property by any third party.

2.6 Use of the Internet for financial gain, gambling, political purposes or advertising is forbidden.

2.7 All e-mail communication with parents, pupils or colleagues must be via school email accounts only.

2.8 Users are responsible for all emails sent and for contacts made that may result in emails being received.

2.9 When using the email, good professional levels of language and content shall apply. All offensive words of any description are forbidden. All communications shall comply with good equal opportunities and non-discriminatory practices.

3. Moodle & Mahara

3.1 The use of forums, private messaging, journals, blogs and personal walls must be limited to school purposes. The language and content used within these facilities should be appropriate to the task.

3.2 Work uploaded to Moodle and Mahara must be of a professional nature and relevant to the task.

3.3 Inappropriate use, for example using these facilities as a means to target others, will result in the Headteacher and parents being informed and the pupils will be locked out of the system.

This policy is to protect all parties, namely the school, all pupils and all staff

A copy of our Digital Technologies Usage Policy can be found here.

St Michael's CE High School Online Safety Policy