Educational Visits

Extra curricular educational visits pupil selection – March 2016

Extra curricular educational visits are planned educational experiences designed to enrich and enhance the taught curriculum. Visit leaders organise and undertake school holidays in their own time and as a school we strive to ensure consistency across the broad range of holiday experiences we offer.

Visit leaders adhere to these whole school procedures.

  • Visit leaders will ensure the first trip letters are distributed to all tutorials at least one week prior to drawing out the names and if possible attend relevant assemblies to announce the trip to all pupils.
  • It will be made clear on the letter as to whether a deposit must be made to ensure selection, or just a form returned.
  • A copy of the letter will be placed on the school website.
  • Following forms being returned staff involved will seek guidance from Pupil Managers and, in some instances, the headteacher, regarding pupils wishing to travel who cause frequent behavioural issues.
  • Selection for all trips and the waiting list should be drawn out of a hat on a date stated on the first letter.
  • Staff will not be able to promise pupils who do not make the selection that they are guaranteed a place on a trip in future years.

Discipline procedures:

It must be appreciated that the safety and security of pupils and staff is paramount. Inclusion on the trip is at the discretion of the headteacher in consultation with the visit leader and staff involved. Behavioural issues, (H2 detentions, demerits, pupils on report, Time Out / PGU, exclusions,) will be closely monitored following selection for the trip and the trip leaving date. Should any pupils be causing concern the school has the right to remove a pupil from the trip with all moneys paid to date being refunded. Where possible, a warning will be given to the pupil and parents contacted.’