Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning

We believe that children learn best in a disciplined, safe and secure learning environment. Children have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach without disruption. Everybody has the right to dignity and personal respect.

We have very high standards of pupil conduct and disruptive behaviour is not tolerated at St Michael’s. Pupils are encouraged to do their best and hard work is recognised in departments and at whole school level. Praise and encouragement go hand in hand with fair and firm discipline. The ePraise reward system commends pupils for their good work and kind deeds.

Types of Behaviour

To ensure that pupils can be safe and enjoy their education, certain types of behaviour are not acceptable. Smoking and chewing gum are not permitted in school. Pupils may bring mobile phones to school but they must be switched off (not kept on silent) as soon as pupils are on the school premises (inside and outside the building) during the school day. Phones will be confiscated if seen by staff.

Pupils who bring illegal substances, banned substances or dangerous objects into school will be choosing to be excluded for a fixed period of time. Pupils who choose to bring illegal substances into school and either use them or pass them on to others for any reason, will be excluded permanently.


In keeping with the Christian ethos of St Michael’s CE High School, it is the aim of the school to eliminate all types of bullying. We strive to:

  • Provide a secure environment for the physical safety of pupils and staff
  • Provide emotional security where the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of pupils and staff as valuable members of God’s creation is recognised
  • Ensure that pupils have a sense of belonging
  • Instill confidence and facilitate a healthy, happy and social learning environment where pupils can enjoy their learning and be the best they can be.

We strive to be fair and just and are vigilant and responsive to bullying behaviour, working alongside parents and carers to give support, counselling, and guidance to victims and transgressors alike. Direct action reminds pupils that all forms of bullying are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated at Saint Michael’s.

Additional Resources

These are available to support pupils who, for whatever reasons, are not making the most of their abilities and opportunities or who need additional support. The school can call upon a wide range of skilled agencies to work with these pupils including the Attendance Officer, the School Nurse and the Educational Psychology Service.

Reporting Concerns

Our aim is to make St Michael's a happy, safe and caring place for our pupils so that they can benefit from the best possible education. All our staff, both teaching and support staff, are dedicated to this aim. If parents do have a concern or a complaint we would ask you to speak to your child's tutor or come to the weekly drop-in clinic on Tuesday afternoons from 3.30pm-5pm. If the matter cannot be resolved through these channels you should discuss your concern with the headteacher.

Read our Behaviour For Learning Agreement here.

Please click here to download our Behaviour for Learning Policy.