Mr C Metcalfe


Chair of Governors

Foundation: Heapey St Barnabas

Mrs J Jenks


Rev N Kelley

Foundation: Rector of Chorley

Mr G Armstrong

Foundation: Blackburn DBE

Mr D Bennett

Foundation: Blackburn DBE

Rev E Straszak

Foundation: All Saints


Foundation: St George


Foundation: St James

Mrs S Wilson

Foundation: St Peter


Mr D Carey

Parent Governor

Mrs L Maguire

Parent Governor

Mrs A Pilkington

Parent Governor


Mrs C Clarke


Staff Governor

Mr J Kirkpatrick

Staff Governor

Mrs C A Roe

Staff Governor


Dr R K Bentley


Mr S Brown

Local authority



Rev D Arnold

Foundation:Adlington St Paul

Mrs J Scott

Foundation: Coppull St John

Mr C Metcalfe

Foundation: Heapey St Barnabas

Mr S Ainge

Foundation: Whittle St John


Mr Metcalfe, Chair of Governors, can be contacted by the school website contact form:-

Telephone / fax  

01257 264740 / 01257 224767


St. Michael's CE High School

Astley Road




             Governing Body Structure and Committees


Full Governing Body

7 Members,  Headteacher, DBE governors, Parent governors, Staff governors, Local Authority governor,

Community governor, Foundation governors, also attended by the Clerk and Deputy Headteachers



Members of the Academy Trust have a different status from the trustees.  The members are

signatories to the memorandum of association and any other individuals permitted to become

members under its articles of association