Media Studies

The Media Studies Department aims to provide students with a working knowledge of concepts and practice within the ever changing world of the Media.

As a KS4 GCSE option, Media Studies is only available to Year 10 and 11 pupils. The subject has enjoyed a high level of success for pupils from a range of ability levels and draws upon traditional academic strengths, such as English, combined with the more creative aspects of design and image construction.

Students of Media Studies are offered the chance to engage with a variety of media texts, from the moving image to web-based, whilst being encouraged to develop an analytical approach towards the decision making process behind some of the most iconic media products of our time.

The Media Studies Department offers students the chance to produce their own media texts, tracking the process from initial conception, to research, planning, production and finally evaluation. The nature of the area of study is dictated by the WJEC Exam Board and changes from year to year, having included such areas as music magazines, television and web-based drama, and even fan-based web-sites.

Whilst the WJEC choose the area of study for examination, it has always been the Department’s vision to offer students the chance to experience as wide a range as possible, regarding types of media.

Media Studies Learning Scheme Year 11

Media Studies Learning Scheme Year 10